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Could this day get any longer!?!?! - Butterfly Kisses

Aug. 25th, 2005 04:31 pm Could this day get any longer!?!?!

I have a dilemma.

Today I have a soccer game at 6:45. My original plan was to meet Liz in Tukwila after work, hang out, and then go to the soccer game. After the game the team is going to get a beer so I can show them pics from my trip. Well, then Krystle calls to say that it is Felicia's birthday today and she wants us to all meet up for dinner and a drink after work. Then Liz calls to say that Chad needs to use her truck after work at home so he can take back the couch and exchange it for a not broken one. (She can't trade cars with him around here because he drives stick and she doesn't know how). Then Cory calls me to ask if I want to go out on the boat with him after work. Then Sarah decides she wants to go to happy hour. I can't figure what I need/want/should/will do!

In the perfect world I would go home and go to bed.

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