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Do you believe in what you feel - Butterfly Kisses

Aug. 22nd, 2005 11:35 am Do you believe in what you feel

Friday - Sarah had a party ~the kind of party we used to have at her parent's house back in high school with jello shots and loud music~ it was fun, I met Liz's cousin, but I don't think that is going to go anywhere. I got pretty drunk and Danny had to drive my car home. There were many awkward moments that night.

Saturday - wake up and come downstairs to house guests I didn't know were there and didn't really want to be there. Watched movies and lounged around the house. 3pm Liz and I met with some other people to go tubing on the Cedar River. It was fun, but not quite hot enough out and the route was long so it took 4 hours and by the end we were all tired and sore. I tried to have a BBQ at my place but nobody really showed up until pretty late, so it just turned into a party basically. Took a shot of my Polish potatoe vodka-it is good mixed but not for taking shots! I didn't get to bed until 5am.

Sunday - wake up to house guests, again, the same unwanted ones. Finished a movie from the night before. Cleaned my room and unpacked all my photo stuff and rearranged a little. Liz and I were supposed to go on Cory's boat to Lake Tapps together at 3, but her boyfriend was being an ass and didn't want her to go. So I was going to go by myself but Chad got home from chopping wood just in the nick of time. We had the most fabulous amazing time on the boat. It was Sarah, Krystle, Tessa, Chad, Jason, Cory, and me. A perfect mix of people and no drama was caused (in other words David and Luke were not there). I went on the tube behind the boat and they whipped me so fast I flew up ten feet off of the water and then got scared and let go. Ouch. I went to bed early.

Today I am extremely tired and sore, but it is worth it.

I might have a date tonight, we will see if the rain check gets honored or not.

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